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Lizzie’s laundry detergent is handcrafted and is created to lessen irritation of skin due to being made with all natural components/ingredients. Other brands of laundry detergent are generally made up of nasty chemicals such as petroleum and other synthetic man made toxins.  A healthier and more natural way to wash your clothes!  

One load: 1/4 cup

Quart Size (32 oz) Loads per bottle: 21-24

Ingredients: Chemical free soap/castille soap, sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, soap nuts (soap berries), aloe vera, distilled water, sodium borate, essential oils. 

  • Compatible with HE washers -Creates Little to no suds
  • Highly concentrated -Clothes are soft without the use of fabric softener
  • No residue or chemical build up on clothing, which makes it a GREAT choice for skin that may be sensitive
  • Due to there being no reside, your HE machine won't need to be cleaned nor will it leave behind any funky smells
  • Safer for septic systems and the Eco-system
  • Clothes smell clean & FRESH, NOT FULL of perfumes :)