Milk Carton Water Bottle

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Ditch the single use plastics with this acrylic milk carton.

Holds up to 16 fl oz, approximately 500 milliliters (the size of a standard plastic water bottle), you can take your favorite cold drinks to go.

NOTE: For cold use only. Not suitable for hot or carbonated drinks like coffee or soda.

Leak proof. BPA free.

- 500 mL
- 16 fluid ounces.
- bottle: ” 8x 2.25” x 2.25

We have one goal - to be a stepping stone into the world of sustainability. We offer every day items, such as water bottles, to help combat the single-use plastic in daily life. To often we see plastic water bottles littering the streets, only to end up harming wildlife and our waters as it makes its way into the ocean. By switching to reusable items, you can help make those numbers less, and better the earth.