Who We Are

Buying Black goes beyond supporting an individual. It's about contributing to a movement, a legacy. The Necessities Company exists to help you patronize Black-owned businesses with one click, circulate our dollars longer in our community, decrease our unemployment rate and everything that we do is in support of that vision. 


It advances us.
Each purchase with us supports a Black-owned business which adds to the generational wealth we are hoping to build.
It empowers us.
Each time you shop Black, you pour into the belief that Black business owners have value and that their products are needed.
It unites us.
There is no better feeling than community. Buying Black fosters a sense of community and support that says for us by us. 

Aurora has always believed that in life, there’s nothing more important than community. It’s the people around us, the feeling of coming together, and the chance to improve lives by making a real difference. To help build our community, we offer a unique way to connect you with Black-owned businesses so that we can grow together. By providing opportunity, chance, and choice, we will join together to support a community that gives each of us so much.