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Sweet & Savory Curry is a must try when sautéing and frying anything! Season your food and the batter too. Start cooking it up and enjoy the aroma. This blend will make you a Boss all day in the kitchen.

Perfect on Salmon so you must check out the Holy Salmon Recipe on the back of the bottle. Curry loves heat, so the aroma of this spice will embrace your home like a college kid who loves seeing their mom and dad when they come home. If you are afraid of curry, like some may, do not worry, the sweetness has a way of balancing out the strength of the curry. It leaves an amazing color on every dish. This spice is good in stews, on roast beef, zucchini, potato salad, egg salad, beans and soups.

The Espresso BBQ Cafe blend is AMAZING for grilling and roasting most meats. Try it on chicken thighs tossed with onions and braised in chicken broth. The Perfect Slider!

There was a lot of fun making this blend. You will be hard press finding a spice blend made with a high-quality espresso on the shelf today. This blend was made for the outdoor cook, perfect with BBQ Sauces, cooking on the grill, excellent in baked beans, wonderful in baked and baked sweet goods (especially brownies), great on toasting nuts and highlights eating yogurts anytime of the day. This blend is so neutral it goes both ways have fun with it indoors or outdoors.

Herbed Citrus Blend Spice on your fresh garden salad with olive oil and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. You may also choose to season your chicken bone-in or even boneless chicken with this blend and cook with in your favorite method; either way this will be your go to spice.

This was Chef Monica’s first blend she created. She made this one in the street on a grill at the Highland Fest in Gastonia, NC for her dearest godbrother; “Kiplon” one of her brother’s best friends. She lovingly calls this her “Lady Spice”. When all else fails, and you do not know what to season your food with this is your spice. Chef made this spice to rival the Mrs. Dash ®; you can cook with it or not. This spice was intended for bone-in chicken, but it has worked wonders in the kitchen on other foods. However, it is perfect with fresh salads, pasta salads, white fish, fresh vegetables and homemade oil vinegars for dipping bread or making vinaigrettes. The flavor is bright, and it is the lowest in sodium of all Chef’s blends.