Elderberry Infused Raw Honey Straws

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Each straw is a single teaspoon serving.

What's in the straws?

RAW HONEY carefully INFUSED WITH ELDERBERRIES, re-filtered without excessive heat and packaged into "on-the-go" straws - the You-Booster Honey packs a tasty punch to your immune system. With a stunning deep red coloration; this herb infused raw honey will amaze you with its exotic berry flavor and aroma. More importantly though, the elderberries add EVEN MORE Vitamin C, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and a LONG list of other interesting health benefits to the honey! We did not skimp on the amount of herbs for the infusion either; this is a POTENT yet perfectly safe and tested recipe that our customers are LOVING!

Our raw honey is sourced from a local bee-keeping organization that holds the same values that we do with our processes. They do not expose their honey to chemicals or pesticides, extreme heat, pressure, or filtration so that the honey retains its health benefits. We, too, practice that same level of passion and care; NO CHEMICALS, NO ADDITIVES, NO COLORINGS, NO FLAVORINGS, NO EXTRACTS OR CONENTRATES, NO PRESERVATIVES, NO OILS OR POWDERS, NO EXCESSIVE HEAT EITHER.


Babies under 12 months of age cannot eat raw honey because it can make them sick. Even though elderberries are safe & have been prized as medicine for centuries, if you are concerned for your health; please conduct your own research or consult with your physician. Otherwise - ENJOY