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Aries (garlic herb):

About Me: I am a delicious and zesty dry garlic herb spyce rub & marinade. When used with your favorite oil (we love olive oil) or your favorite pure fruit juice (like bitter orange), Aries turns into a delicious marinade on your favorite meats and veggies. Works Great On: Ground meats, garlic bread recipes, compound butter and more! Salt-Free Buddy Key Ingredients: garlic, rosemary, sage, oregano, cilantro, basil and other fresh herbs.

Capricorn (seasoning salt):

About Me: I am a premier version of the all-time favorite spyce mix, seasoning salt. Universal flavor for universally delicious meals! If you need to season roasted veggies or add a kick of flavor to the family pot roast, this is a spice to add to your cart immediately. Works Great On: Anything! Key Ingredients: sea salt, smoked paprika, black pepper, sugar + parsley (and other fresh herbs).

Gemini (multi-purpose):

About Me: I am an eclectic mix of raw seasonings and herbs that come together to form a unique tasting experience. This spyce mix works well on both vegetables and meats! Please keep in mind that this is a salt-free and sugar-free spyce mix. We recommend that you pair this seasoning mix with sea salt or pink Himalayan salt. Works Great On: Anything! Salt-Free Buddy Key Ingredients: garlic, sumac, basil, rosemary, ground mustard, black pepper and other fresh herbs.