White Sage w/ Flowers/Fruit

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Cleanse & Sage your life. Remove all negative entities that occupy your space. Fill your space with great love, joy and good health

When are the ideal times to sage smudge your aura and space?

  • When you return home from crowded situations
  • When you move into a new living space
  • When you begin a new job or start your own business
  • Before and after a guest enters your home
  • Before and after a yoga or healing session
  • Before meditation
  • After an argument or illness


  • Carnation- Strength, protection, health, energy, healing, and fascination. Bonds affection; Licorice Stick- Fidelity and love
  • Lily- Protection; Peppermint- Protection, healing and purification
  • Marigold- Love, worship and cheerfulness; Ginkgo Leaves- Mental clarity and strength of mind
  • Dried Lemon- Friendship, love, longevity and purification; Dried Tangerine- Prosperity; Yerba Santa- Cleansing and purification